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Safety – Rental terms

Your safety is most important

Please review all necessary information carefully since your safety matters the most.
  • Don´t travel alone
  • Let others know about your travels
  • Watch the weather carefully, it changes quickly
  • Dress accordingly and have extra clothing
  • Have food and drink with you
  • Always were a lifewest
  • Have a phone with you in a waterproof pouch

Look over the 8 part Safe Paddling Video Series, and find paddling tips, gear list and safety resources from Canoe & Kayak magazine. Look over for courses or this beginners safety brochure.
Always check and weather before venturing out.

Rental Terms and conditions

An agreement with below terms and conditions will be required for signature with rentals.

  1. Leased property and its treatment
    1.3 The Lessee has reviewed the condition of the leased property and accepts it in full.
    1.4 The Lessee shall exercise care in the handling of the leased property and follow the rules and instructions for its use and treatment.
    1.5 The Lessee declares that he has sufficient knowledge to use the leased property and that he has received a safety brochure for inspection which he has read and understood and that he will fully comply with the safety issues contained therein.

2 Liability of the lessee
2.1 The Lessee shall return the leased item in the same condition as he received them.
2.2 The Lessee guarantees that the leased property as if he had used it himself and guarantees that it is not used for an illegal purpose, (b) in a negligent manner, (c) under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
2.3 The Lessee shall use the necessary equipment when transporting to protect the leased property from damage.
2.4 The Lessee is fully responsible for the equipment during the rental period, including all damage that may occur to the leased property or as a result of it.
3 Rental period
3.1 A full day of rent is considered to be 24 hours (“day rent”). The minimum rental period is 1 day rental.
3.2 The start date of the rental is based on the time of signing.
3.3 The end date of the lease is the day on which the leased item is returned to the place that is the agreed place of return in accordance with Article 1.
3.4 If the leased equipment is not returned on the agreed time according to Article 1.2, the Lessee shall pay the full daily rent for each commenced day in excess of the delivery date, in addition to any costs that the Owner may incur because the leased equipment is not available to other customers on time.

4 Owners insurance for damages
4.1 The present a credit card as insurance when renting, for repairs and / or damage to the leased equipment while the leased property is in the lessee’s lease, additional days if the leased property is returned late or for other reasons that is causing damage to the Owner ability to further rent out the leased equipment.
4.3 If the leased property is damaged to the extent that it does not meet the cost in the Owner opinion to repair the leased property, the Owner may charge the lessee’s credit card for the repurchased price of the leased property, regardless of its age or wear and tear.

5 Owners Liability
5.1 The Owner is not liable to the Lessee or a third party for accidents or damage caused by the use, treatment or transport of the lessee.
5.2 The Owner is not responsible for direct or indirect damages that the Lessee or a third party may suffer.

6 Other
6.1 The Lessee is not permitted to transfer his rights under this Agreement.
6.2 In the event of litigation or collection in connection with this agreement, such a case shall be brought before the District Court of Vesturland.

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